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The rantings of an angry woman. (Updated Thursdays)

"No, I'm not surprised--I'm just pissed off. No, not pissed off. I'm ready to go out and start removing body parts from the assholes. Preferably ones they're particularly fond of. Painfully. With a very dull knife."
~ Catherine Montaigne, War of Honor

Work In Progress

April 9th, 2008

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Personal Problems

October 30th, 2007

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I try to keep a policy of not talking about my personal problems on here because, in truth, I doubt anyone really gives a shit and that doesn’t hurt my feelings. But honestly, if I don’t put this somewhere, I’m going to bust.

I firmly believe that is it okay to hate someone. I know that this makes me a bad person, the less than perfect Christian that everyone expects me to be, but I don’t care at this point. Of course, hate crosses the line when it causes you to hurt someone.

Right now, I’m sitting here at the computer typing what is going to be the most emo rant I’ve ever done in my life while my brother, who thinks I can’t hear him, constantly calls me a slut and a whore and a bitch. Oh, this is just the most minor in a long of offenses that I would rather not go into detail discussing.

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Booker T. Washington said “I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.” But this petty cretin that thinks himself a better man than me does not degrade or narrow my soul because I hate him. He only makes me stronger because I refuse to be dragged down by his sick little game. I am not going to be pushed around by my little brother when I have far much more ahead of me than that little drug addict ever will.

Hopefully, he will end up in jail in the next years and my hands will be washed of it. And I know that I’m a bad person for thinking all of this and for saying all of this, but I never pretended to be a good person. I never stood up here on my soap box and said that I was the model citizen, the theory for a perfect human being. I can say that I’m a horrible person because I’ve earned that right, but no one else has. I dare any of you to sit there, judge me, and lecture me on being a good person.

I dare you because I am itching for the chance to make someone, anyone feel like a three inch tall pile of shit.

Anyways. I will go on not sleeping because my brother has decided to sleep on the couch to spite me. He has done this because I have pissed him off and I am unable to sleep in bed. Thus, I have been sleeping on the couch for the past several months now, and he thinks that by taking the couch, I will be somehow affected. I will in some way fulfill his need to make other people miserable and it won’t work. It will never work. I will not be miserable because of his punk ass. I am tempted to be petty and turn my music up really loud. Sigh. The burdens of being the better person.

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People are labeling Barak Obama as unpatriotic because he has stopped wearing an American flag pin on the lapel of his suit. For those of you who were as confused as I was, that means the collar looking thing. The man claims that he can and will show is patriotism in some way. I figure running for President of the United States shows a fairly healthy amount of patriotism, but apparently I was wrong.

Of course, I also didn’t know a person had to wear a damned pin to show his or her love for their native country. That’s depressing. My wardrobe is full of black, white, and fatique green. Not a single American flag pin…damn, and here I thought was I being all nationalist and patriotic. Sigh.

I like Obama. He’s cool. I haven’t had much time to research his policies (which I will because I have begun to register to vote), but he seems like a decent man. Hillary Clinton, however, is a communist. She wants to nationalize everything! Her answer to everything is to give the state control of it (by state I mean federal government). Damned commie. I hate commies as much as I hate hippies, and I loathe hippies.

A friend of mine said I should run for President. That would be freakin’ awesome, but there’s unfortunately an age limit and I’m just shy of it by about…seventeen years. :-P

So I’ve got nearly two decades to worry about that. I’ve got only about two years before I worry about having to live on an army base. :) They have their own set of laws. It’s awesome. My husband (my boyfriend now, but we’re working on it) could get thrown in jail for cheating on me. Now, I figured the rules were simple and they pretty much are. I thought they just wanted you to be good and be patriotic, but apparently patriotism isn’t required on an army base.

Mother fucker. You are on a base manned by the United States Armed Forces, the men and women responsible for making sure that you aren’t speaking Commie or Iraqi or whatever. Be patriotic or get the fuck off. :)

Have a nice day.

((One of these days, I will actually update on a Thursday.))

Of Good and Evil

October 5th, 2007

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I was at WalMart at two or three in the morning. My friend and I are sitting in the parking lot drinking some strange sort of cool, Starbucks drink that is lending me entirely too much energy for that time of night. We are discussing some topic that has since left me because my mind stops the collection process between one and six in the morning. It is at this point that a strange, disheveled looking couple walks up to us. They proceed to weave some elaborate story. Apparently, they have been living out of their car for the last few months, which has no gas but it doesn’t matter because the car has broken down. They haven’t slept in a bed for some time or had a hot shower, for that matter. The couple claims that they are just a few more dollars shy of being able to stay in a cheap hotel room for the night.

What do you do?

It has occurred to me that our population is entirely to paranoid, disensitized, and unbelieving. My first thought was that these two people were liars. I mean, it’s three in the morning and we’re in the middle of the parking lot at WalMart. If you’re looking for money, that isn’t the best of places. The woman had all the mannerisms of a crack addict while the husband seemed entirely too nervous.

But, that was intellect. It was something I knew in my mind, but an observation that did not exist in my heart. Unfortunately, I have yet to sqaush that pesky little bastard known as my conscience. What if these people are telling the truth? Even knowing that I could probably never know what they did with that money, I knew that if I gave them nothing, I would feel guilty. Conviction is the worst part about the sin. Any decent human being who knows that they have done wrong will be inevitably haunted by that guilt of knowing they could have done right. So, knowing this, what does a person do?

I gave them maybe six dollars in ones and sent them on their way. The couple then went on and collected maybe thirty dollars from another woman. Then, we and a few recent acquaintances of ours watched as they drove away in a brand new, shiny Lincoln.

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Okay, so I missed Thursday’s update. Thus, I shall compensate by compiling comments/rants/caustic observations of everything I’ve seen interesting in the news this week. Well, not everything. Just alot of things.

Nigerian polio outbreak caused by vaccine, officials say
Now, I find this amusing for many reasons. One of them is, of course, not the fact that 69 children are paralyzed. I’m a cold, unfeeling individual. Contrary to popular belief, I am not wholly evil.

Anyways. CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) have known about this for at least a year but have just released this information last week. This isn’t the first time that an outbreak has been caused by the vaccine. After all, the vaccine is just a weakened form of the virus itself.

The problem is that many countries in that area of the world don’t trust western medicine. Of course, it doesn’t help that this outbreak happened just after a year long boycott of the vaccine ended in Nigeria. No one was protesting the vaccine because they thought it was unsafe. They were holding this little boycott because they felt the vaccine was actually an evil American plot to sterilize Muslims.

And I thought the idiots on late night AM radio were conspiracy nut jobs. The leaders of the countries actually believed that shit. It has made it nearly impossible to stamp out these viruses that are practically unheard of in most developed countries. In northern Nigeria alone, as of now, only 39 percent of the children there have been vaccinated against polio.

Bar gossip leads to nasty surprise for couple
This one made me laugh. Alot. A couple in the Czech…country? Are they still the Czech republic? Whatever. A couple in the Czech whatever decided to end regular gossip that their baby was not their baby by getting a DNA test to prove that it was. The test showed that the baby matched neither of the parents DNA and they are now suspecting a mix up at the hospital.

Wow. Someone’s maternal instinct didn’t kick in. I mean, I’ve been known to say that all newborn babies look the same. You know, red, gooey, and screaming. But I would like to say with confidence that when my baby is born, I won’t be going home with someone else’s. Both parents had dark hair and the baby had light hair…hm. That should have been the first hint. Retards.

Restaurant chili sauce causes chemical scare
In London, someone called the police on a Thai restaurant that was emitting a strange smell. After police closed off the street, a Hazard Area Response Team had showed up, and firefighters in haz-mat suits kicked down the door, they discovered that it was just the special chili recipe they were making. The word paranoia comes to mind.

End Odds news rant. I get all of that from Yahoo, in case you’re wondering.

For the record, I’ve vowed to never smoke pot not because I’ve been told my lifetime over that drugs are bad and that I should not be involved in them. No, I’m not going to smoke marijuana because I know exactly what an annoying twit it makes you. Furthermore, I will no longer hesitate to snap the neck of the next poor bastard that thinks that when I say “go away before I kill you,” that I’m in some sort of amused state. When I utter that threat, or scream it, that means that you need to go away before I kill you. It’s a very simple translation. No need to get out your “Satan to English” dictionary for that one.

Who’s Petty Now?

September 27th, 2007

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Seeing as I promised that I would update Thursdays, I figured I could squeeze one in before I left for Oklahoma.

It would seem that Bollinger (President of the Columbia of University whose first name I forgot and am too lazy to look up) only invited Ahmadinejad (which I can now pronounce, thank you) to speak at the University of Columbia so that everyone could make fun of him. In his opening remarks, Bollinger called Ahmadinejad a petty and cruel dictator, saying he was either very charismatic or grossly uneducated.

 This might just be my opinion, but I don’t think its smart to insult the dictator of a world superpower that is hell bent on destroying us with nuclear weapons they may or may not be in possession of.

 Of course, Ahmadinejad didn’t exactly potray himself to be the most honest and intelligent of people. Iran doesn’t have the “phenomenon” that are homosexuals? Iran’s women aren’t opresssed? The majority of religions in the Middle East are all about women being subservient to men, about being submissive. The women can’t go outside and show their faces. They aren’t allowed to be anywhere without a man to accompany them. That is freedom?

Well, the President of Iran is just making himself look like a dolt on the stage of world politics.

The United Nations General Assembly taught me one thing, though. Well, two things. One, our President and his Cabinet can’t decide on one thing to focus on, which is probably why we’re in such a mess right now. Two, a great deal of nations hate us right now. I think that indicates that we need a president who can clean up our reputation and image, making us a little more amiable to our fellow countries in the United Nations.

 Finally, Ahmadinejad has claimed that anything Iran is doing as far as a nuclear program is involved is closed to the United Nations. What is the point in being in the United Nations if you’re not going to obey the rules? Also, what is the point in having the United Nations if they’re not going to ENFORCE those rules. Every country in the UN is supposed to devote a certain amount of soldiers to the UN peacekeeping forces. I think that means that they have the power to enforce some of these rules.

GO HOME Ahmadinejad!

September 23rd, 2007

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The President of the University of Columbia has invited the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to speak with teacher and students at the university during a public forum.

I’m sorry but what in this man’s right mind makes him think that inviting a terrorist to speak at an establishment of higher learning is a good idea? The man hates the United States of America. He loathes our country. Just before he left his country, Ahmadinejad holds a parade that has missle-towing trucks and jeeps with banners attached to them that proclaim death to the USA and Israeal.

I hope Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University, is having second thoughts. I can understand where he would want a foreign delegate to come speak to a school that has a great amount of prestige in educated in that area, but the leader of a terrorist nation? He could have invited someone from one of our friendlier neighbors (I say friendlier because we have pushed quite a few people away). That might have been more acceptable and far less controversial. Well, I doubt he’s having trouble sleeping at night. The man said he would invite Hitler to speak if he could.

It’s not like we haven’t been having problems with Iran. Hell, we’ve been fighting with them for what feels like nearly a year as to whether or not they’re developing nuclear weapons. Oh, we know they are. They know they are. They just won’t admit to it and the United Nations won’t do a damn thing about it.

At least our government got one thing right in this regard. Ahmadinejad (you readers honestly have no idea how hard it is to keep typing that damn name) requested to visit Ground Zero. Hell no! We won’t have a terrorist desecrating such sacred ground. That’s like letting a devil worshiper lead a Catholic mass. His request was turned down and thank God. The last thing we need is a mass riot in New York of all places.

What I find funny is that even his own people don’t want him to come here. They claim that him visiting the United States is a smear on the global reputation of Iran. If anything, us allowing him to come over here and speak to our college students is a smear on our intelligence. I agree with the First Amendment as much as the next guy (excluding the Patriot Act, of course) and I’m a huge advocate of free speech. This right, however, should not be given to terrorists. It should not be given to leaders of terrorist nations.

Someone needs to stand up and tell his sorry ass to go home. No…someone needs to make that terrorist go home!

And The Tests Show…

September 22nd, 2007

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Drumroll please. According to a test (which is supposed to be fun and not wholly accurate) your disgruntled blogger has been determined to be…

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The stupidity of some people still never cease to amaze me. Some asshole (one of these days, I will learn to use a more professional manner in my rants) filed a lawsuit against God because he wanted to prove that anyone could sue anyone. Well, I need to find my a lawyer and charge the tooth fairy for stealing precious pieces of my childhood. While I’m at it, I’ll get together with a few of my friends and see if we can’t sue the boogeyman for emotional distress.

Sen. Chambers claims the he is agnostic. Let’s see. gives the definition of agnostic as “a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience.” How can you claim to be agnostic and sue God? That would mean that you confirm your belief in the existence of God and are no longer agnostic.

Of course, that would not be the only controversial (if you could call that controversial) piece of news I have read today.

Being a resident of Louisiana, I suppose I should care about the incident in Jena to some extent. I don’t find it a problem, nor a surprise, that I don’t.

I will agree with one of the lawyers when he said that people were forgetting the victim. People don’t seem to be remembering that six black kids beat up a white kid. If it had been the other way around, then they could scream about racism and civil rights. As it stands, six black kids beat the shit out a white kid and he doesn’t get the same consideration? Equal rights my ass.

Of course, I’m not neglecting to mention the noose hung from the tree as some form of neo-Nazi, anti-African-American movement. Honestly, if there was a wrong response to the situation, it was that. That had people screaming for the three boys responsible to be charged with a hate crime. I don’t think hanging a bunch of rope from a tree is really considered a crime. It’s a threat, at the most, but it certainly doesn’t constitute criminal charges.

Jesse Jackson is jumping on the racist bandwagon as usual. That leech is just looking for all the publicity he can get. That doesn’t surprise me. I wouldn’t feel so much disgust for the man if he wasn’t on the same level as the paparazzi and tabloid journalists.

Maybe charging the boys with 2nd-degree attempted murder was a bit much. I’ll admit that. Still, people need to remember that there was actually a victim in this case, and it wasn’t either of those six boys.

White or black, everyone should be held responsible for their actions.

 Anways. I’m the kind of person who tries to cram everything in one post, so here’s a personality test I took because I found it on LaLa’s blog. I don’t know if I have a link up for it or what. I should, considering she is the lovely, wonderful person hosting this awesome blog.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

 They usually all say this kind of thing. I have, out of morbid curiosity, taken several “mental disorder” tests and have usually gotten either borderline schizophrenic personality or borderline sociopathic. So, I’m not quite there yet. And don’t get scared or worried. :) Those tests are very rarely accurate.

How to Spend a Day in Jail

August 29th, 2007

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God knows that if I ever get famous, I’m going to be breaking the law left and right. Paris Hilton gets 23 days for driving drunk, Nicole Richie on gets 4 days, and Lindsay Lohan gets 1 day in the slammer and 10 of community service. I suppose the part that pisses me off the most about that is she should have spent a damned year in jail, but she gets off with a slap on the fucking wrist because she’s famous.

So, I’ve decided that when I get famous, I am going to turn this country’s law and order upside down. A day or two in jail never hurt a person.

All I need is a couple million gullible, average American citizens to follow me with a blind obedience, and I could kill someone and have the media so far involved that no one will know if I did it or not.

The fact that our society can breed such scum is sickening. Beautiful, pretty people getting away with a crime that would land a normal person in jail for quite some time. Driving under the inlfuence of drugs and alcohol kills people! Those rich, pompous sluts are only lucky because they haven’t killed anyone yet. Even then, I suspect that our country’s so-called justice system would just slap them on the wrist (if not slightly harder than they would have if they hadn’t killed anyone) and let them go home.

Our country was built on the principle that all people are equal. Man, woman…it doesn’t matter. That means that the “beautiful people” should get the same punishments that the “little people” endure when they break the law.

This country is built on bitter party politics and fat mounds of cash. Pretty people get away with anything and our government can’t tell its head from its ass because everyone is so busy being in everyone else’s business that no one is actually looking for a solution to any of the problems. They’re just talking about them endlessly, looking for someone to point the finger at.